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Welcome to Vanishing Worlds, LLC!

Game drives are the heart of a safari — taking off at first light, hunting views of the animals, enjoying brunch picnics in the wild, returning to lunch and rest. Then, we’re off at sunset, again searching for the perfect photographic image or an unforgettable memory of the beautiful creatures living in the wild. It’s fun and challenging, but not too difficult; you soon realize that safari guides have super eyes. Using all of their knowledge, their senses and tracking experience, our guides bring us very close to the lives of the creatures in the wild.

Safari Travel
Let us take you to a world of astonishingly diverse and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, to a richness of wildlife beyond imagination, to anthropological history, to ancient cultural traditions and to a new exciting East Africa! Join a small group arranged through Vanishing Worlds; take your family or your own group of friends.

Imagine yourself on this unforgettable journey — inspiring sunrises, lions on the Serengeti, Baobab and Acacia forests, large families of elephants, migrating herds and gigantic sunsets with volcanic mountain formations skirting the vast seeping savannahs.

The staff of Vanishing Worlds has arranged classic wildlife and cultural safari travel for over 25 years. Spending time in East Africa over that many years has provided us with the experience and knowledge to create the perfect trip and match travelers with the best itinerary for their interests. Safari Tracks® LTD is our outfitter and safari operator. Under the leadership of Andrew Uronu, Tanzanian naturalist, professional drivers and skilled guides are supplied. They provide the knowledge and expertise to ensure the perfect trip.

Travel Plan Options
There are many ways to travel with us: join a small group arranged through Vanishing Worlds, take your family or your own group of friends or sign on to a trip arranged for fly fishing, art, writing, global warming, bird watching or advanced photography. Specialized trips are accompanied by experts in the fields.

Your East African safari will become a part of you and will surely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. For information, contact us here.

I look forward to planning your expedition — a journey to the place of bold beauty and unrivaled wilderness — Tanzania.

Patricia House,
Vanishing Worlds, LLC

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